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Pall Profile® II Filter Cartridges

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Designed for High Performance Clarification and Particle Removal

Profile II cartridges are high efficiency depth style filters constructed of polypropylene. Constructed of polypropylene, with a continuously graded fixed pore structure, these cartridges provide pre- and final filtration within the same cartridge resulting in lower overall filtration and disposal cost.

The Profile II filter cartridges provide a removal efficiency of >99.98% in compatible liquids with consistent filtration performance.

Features Benefits
Fixed fiber matrix
  • Consistent filtrate quality
  • Highly stable structure
  • Process reliability
Continuous pore size variation from coarse to fine
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Longer service life
Available in multiple configurations Easy to integrate into existing lines
Polypropylene construction with no adhesives or surfactants Broad chemical compatibility
Materials of Construction
Media Polypropylene
Core Polypropylene
AB Style Cartridges Only
Cage, End Cap and Fin End Polypropylene
Adaptor Polypropylene with a stainless steel reinforcing ring
O-ring Seal Ethylene propylene rubber or silicone elastomer
RMF Style Cartridges Only
Elastomeric End Cap and Seal Thermoplastic elastomer
Grade Removal Rating (μm) at 99.98% Efficiency (ß-5000) Removal Rating (μm) at 90% Efficiency (ß-10)
005 0.5* <0.5*
010 1.0 <0.5*
030 3.0 <1.0*
050 5.0 2.0
100 10.0 6.5