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Met One Air Particle Counter Two Channel Particle Counter GT-521

Big Performance, Small Size The GT-521 is a full-featured, battery-operated, portable laser particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit with the convenience of a handheld! It can datalog particle counts continuously or send them to a network. Dual Programmable Particle Channels Two programmable particle channels with a range of 0.3 – 5.0 […]

Met One Air Particle Counter Single ChannelParticle Counter GT-321

Small Size—Big Performance The handheld GT-321 is a portable particle counter that counts particles down to 0.3 microns—giving you portability and reliability at the lowest price in the industry. Completely Self-Contained—Selectable Particle Sizes Don’t let the size fool you—the GT-321 is completely self-contained with its own internal battery and sample pump, and is programmable, allowing […]

Orion* 2030 Silica Analyzer

Thermo Scientific* Orion 2030 Silica Analyzer with fully programmable for individual needs – 10 stored methods. Ease of use with digital alphanumeric readout.

Orion* 1817LL Low-Level Chloride Analyzer

Thermo Scientific Orion 1817LL Low-Level Chloride analyzer used to monitor boiler water and boiler blow down, it is an indicator that detects costly condenser leaks. System includes new reference electrode, a double junction ceramic frit electrode designed to provide outstanding long term performance and a chloride sensor known for its superior accuracy at low levels.

Orion* 2111XP Sodium Analyzer

Thermo Scientific Orion 2111XP Sodium analyzer offers unmatched reliability in analyzing critical sample streams throughout the power/steam generation and industrial water industry. It is ideally suited to meet the demanding needs of high purity water measurements and high acidcation exchange applications all in one system all from one of the most trusted name in sodium […]

Orion* 2111LL Low Level Sodium Analyzer

Thermo Scientific Orion 2111LL Low Level Sodium analyzer introduces the most advanced low level sodium analyzer that not only protects your turbine against destructive sodium levels. This analyzer will prove to be the simplest, easy-to-use sodium analyzer you have ever used, the next generation in sodium protection.

Atago In-line Brix-Monitor CM-780N

This refractometer is a compact in-line model which can be incorporated in piping of manufacturing plants, or a liquid mixing apparatus, or a washing apparatus to continuously measure concentration ( Sugar content : Brix ) and is suitable for use in control of mixing or concentrating processes at food manufacturing plants, in control of fermentation […]

Atago In-line Refractometer PRM-100α

These in-line models can be incorporated in piping of manufacturing plants, liquid mixing devices, and washing apparatuses to continuously measure the concentration of various liquids. They are suitable for use in the control of mixing, concentration, fermentation, and control of the concentration of water-based or alkali-based detergent, etc.

Omega Instruments FDT-30 Series Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The FDT-30 Series provides easy and low cost installation by clamping to the outside of existing piping systems. Non-invasive transit time system allows solids to pass through the pipe with no affect on the meter. Y-strainers or filtering devices are not needed. Greater accuracy can be attained in applications consisting of entrained gases. The FDT-30 […]

Omega Instruments USB Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Data Logger with LCD Display

USB Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Data Logger with LCD Display (OM-EL-USB-2-LCD and OM-EL-USB-2-LCD-PLUS) The OM-EL-USB-2-LCD is a standalone data logger that measures and stores up to 16,379 relative humidity and 16,379 temperature readings over 0 to 100% RH and -35 to 80°C (-31 to 176°F) measurement ranges. The high contrast LCD can show a […]