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Kern PCD High resolution precision balance with removable display for maximum flexibility

Kern PCB The economical solution for the bargain hunter

Kern EMB-V Entry level laboratory balance with integrated density determination function

Kern EMB Entry level laboratory balance with tremendous weighing performance

Ultra Pure Air Laminar Flow Cabinet

Ultra Pure Air laminar flow cabinet is a self-contained Class 3.5 horizontal flow work. Designed in accordance to Australian Standards. Tested in accordance to A.S. 1386 Part V. Product Protection for laboratory and product applications.

Rotronic HygroPalm 23 AW set portable water activity meter

ROTRONIC offers fast and accurate instruments for the measurement of water activity of foods, seeds, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. Our unique technology guarantees water activity measurement at the lowest possible purchase price. All systems use the same high precision technology to ensure consistently precise results and full interchangeability between the quality control laboratory and production areas. The […]

Lamy Rheology First RM Viscometer

VISCOMETER FIRST RM with ASTM 2 à 7 The First RM is designed for viscosity measurements  in accordance with the ASTM/ISO 2555 standard. It is delivered with a laboratory stand, a Pt100 sensor, and a set of ASTM 2 to 7 spindles. Its modern springless technology and sturdy design make it THE NEW REFERENCE for the ASTM standard measurements.

Met One Air Particle Counter Bench-Top Particle Counter BT-637

Affordable Bench Top with High End Performance The BT-637 is a full featured unit suitable for continuous monitoring at a 0.1cfm flow rate. This unit has volumetric flow controlled with internal temperature sensors that will continually monitor and correct the flow. An audible alarm alerts the user when the flow rate varies more than ±5%. […]

Met One Air Particle Counter Four Channel Handheld Particle Counter 804

Accurate – Affordable – Reliable Small Size—Big Performance The 804 handheld particle counter is a 4 channel portable particle counter that counts particles 0.3 microns to 10.0 microns – giving you portability and reliability at the lowest price in the industry. Completely Self-Contained—Selectable Particle Sizes Don’t let the size fool you–this unit is completely self-contained […]

Met One Air Particle Counter Six Channel Particle Counter GT-526

Bench Unit Performance in the Palm of Your Hand The GT-526 is a full–featured, battery operated, portable laser particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit with the convenience of a handheld! It can datalog particle counts continuously or send them to a network. Six Particle Channels Displayed Six preset particle channels (0.3, […]